Update from Thailand for 10/23/16

NL102316 (1)
Dear Friends,  Last week we saw the Lord's hand work mightily as we served at Roied. After our Sunday service, we were cleaning up to return home. A man on a bike stopped by to see why there were so many people and our Bible students were able to lead him to the Lord. One of our young boys was sitting listening to the whole conversation. After the man left he asked if he could also except the Lord in his heart. This Sunday he followed the Lord in believers baptism. During the morning service, w...

Update from Thailand for 10/16/16

NL101616 (3)
Dear Friends, This has been a week of amazing blessings. We arrived safely at Roied Monday evening. The following days we were able to get a lot of work done on the church building and around the property. All of our young people worked hard at fixing the electricity, cutting the lawn, and painting the equipment at the neighborhood school. Friday our special speaker arrived and we started our revival that evening. The preacher was able to preach in the language of the people. His messages a...

Update from Thailand for 10/09/16

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Dear Friends,  It is so quiet here now that several of the children have gone home for the three-week break.  Now we are finishing up packing as we get ready to leave earlytomorrow morning. We will be spending 10 days at Nongwang Baptist doing several mission projects. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we will have our revival. We ask that you please pray for our special speakers as they travel here. Also, pray that we will have a good turnout and that the people of the neighborhood will open up ...

Update from Thailand for 10/02/16

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Dear Friends, There is only a week left before the kids are out of school and we head off to Roied to do mission work. We have spent the week getting things ready and finishing up any work needed to be done. We were also able to have a couple of activities for our people. On Thursday, our children were able to go to see elephants with their school. This was a first time experience for many of them and they enjoyed themselves.On Friday we were able to take our senior citizens out to have a meal ...

Update from Thailand for 09/25/16

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Dear Friends, This first school semester here in Thailand is soon coming to a close. Today was the last day of testing for our high school students and we thank you for your prayers for them. This week our Bible students were able to go out soul winning and witness in Mrs. Horn’s mother’s neighborhood. Many of the people there are strong Buddhist. We were able to share with them and they listened attentively but they were to afraid to leave their religion. Please continue to pray for Mrs. Horn’...

Barbara Soucy

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Dear Friends,  We just wanted to tell you all of Mrs Soucy who has come to help us for 3 months. She has been to the mission in the past, but it was over 15 years ago. A lot has changed and she is so amazed at how much the Lord has done for the work since then. She never imagined that she would ever have the chance to return here but now that she is retired she plans to serve the Lord in any way she can. After only being here two weeks she has already had the chance to visit one of our outreach...

Update from Thailand for 09/18/16

NL091816 (4)
Dear Friends,  This week marks the third year death anniversary of Br Rick Horn. I am so thankful to all you who have been praying for us. This week we spent it doing what Br. Horn would have wanted us to be doing, continuing to win souls. During the week our Soul winning pastor was able to see 4 saved. On Saturday our Bible students were able to see 4 saved. We also ask that you pray for our high school students who are testing till next Sunday. Pray that they will be a godly example to all th...

Update from Thailand for 09/11/16

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Dear Friends, This week has been another blessed week. We started out with Br. Alfredo coming to teach music for the children.On Thursday night, Mrs. Soucy made it in safely. So much has changed since she was here 15 years ago and she is so amazed at all that the Lord has done with the work during that time. On Friday we were able to get all the paperwork and things done for Br Alfredo to obtain a visa for him and his family. We are so thankful for your prayers for them. The following day I l...

Update from Thailand for 09/04/16

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Dear Friends, We are thankful to be reporting to you all once again this week. We are also thankful for all that the Lord blessed us with this week. This week started out with the hill tribe pastors coming for a week of Bible classes. All of our Bible students have been doing well in class. On Wednesday we had Br. Alfredo with us again and he preached. On Friday our young people were able to pass out tracts at the market and on Saturday there was soul winning and there was 1 saved. She was my f...

Update from Thailand for 08/28/16

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Dear Friends,  We report to you this week with lots of rain falling. The Lord has been blessing us with plenty of rain to keep the rice fields flooded and to grow our longan trees but here has been some flooding here in Thailand with all the raining, so we ask that you all pray for those who are in the flooding areas. This week our soul winning pastor made it home safely from Roied and was able to take our bible students out for soul winning this Saturday. There were 4 saved while they were out...