Update from Thailand for 12/04/16

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Dear Friends,  It has been a busy week here for us at the mission. We have been preparing things for the upcoming Leadership Conference which we host every year for Pastor Sehmish. We have all been working together to prepare the rooms for the guest, cut the grass around the mission, decorate, and make flower arrangements. This year we had a flower arrangement class and the students were able to help. Though we have been. Sunday we got to spend our last service with Ms. Soucy who will be return...

Thanksgiving week 2016

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Dear Friends,  We hope that you all have enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family , thanking God for all the blessings He has given during this year. This week, we here were able to finish up harvesting the rice. On Saturdaywe were able to go to the Thanksgiving service at Ta Kow Prerk. It was such  a blessing for those who went because they have all worked so hard on the new church building there and were able to over 150 people attend. On Sunday, there was a special service. W...

Update from Thailand for 11/20/16

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Dear Friends, We are so thankful for all of your prayers for us during our travels to and from Nakhon Sawan and also for your prayers for the conference. The Lord blessed us with such wonderful preaching that we know the Lord wanted for us. It was an encouragement to our people and 3 of our young men surrendered their lives to the Lord. Saturday our Bible students were able to go out soul winning and saw 2 saved. On Sunday there were 2 first time visitors at Nongloam Baptist and at Roied there ...

Update from Thailand for 11/13/16

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Dear Friends,  It has been a busy week for us here in Thailand. On Wednesday, we had Pastor Sechmish come from Nakhon Sawan come visit us with his friend from Australia. On Saturday we traveled to Bookok Baptist to enjoy their ‘new rice’ celebration which is much like our Thanksgiving. On Sunday we headed to Huay Mae Sai to see the wedding of Pastor Alum’s son. Br. LumYome had a chance to visit Roied on Sunday also and they had 1 saved and 1 baptized. Back at Nongloam, they had a normal service...

Update from Thailand for 11/06/16

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Dear Friends,  This week many of our members have been falling sick due to the change in the weather. A few of our members have been in the hospital. Even now one of our church families’ baby, little John, is in the hospital with a high fever. We ask that you pray for us here. Despite many being sick the work has gone on. While visiting our members in the hospital our soul winning pastor, Br. Yome, was able to see 2 saved. On Saturday the bible students were able to see 1 saved.During the week ...

Update from Thailand for 10/30/16

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Dear Friends,  Things are slowly getting back to normal now that the children are back from their villages. School starts again for them on Tuesday. This week we were thankful for the chance to have Pastor Eddie come and teach our Bible students Monday through Wednesday. On Tuesday, Br. Jeff Kruchkow and his son Noah arrived. They will be here until November 4th, to help us in getting the print shop up and running. Please pray that the Lord will allow us to be able to fulfill Br. Horn's dream t...

Update from Thailand for 10/23/16

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Dear Friends,  Last week we saw the Lord's hand work mightily as we served at Roied. After our Sunday service, we were cleaning up to return home. A man on a bike stopped by to see why there were so many people and our Bible students were able to lead him to the Lord. One of our young boys was sitting listening to the whole conversation. After the man left he asked if he could also except the Lord in his heart. This Sunday he followed the Lord in believers baptism. During the morning service, w...

Update from Thailand for 10/16/16

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Dear Friends, This has been a week of amazing blessings. We arrived safely at Roied Monday evening. The following days we were able to get a lot of work done on the church building and around the property. All of our young people worked hard at fixing the electricity, cutting the lawn, and painting the equipment at the neighborhood school. Friday our special speaker arrived and we started our revival that evening. The preacher was able to preach in the language of the people. His messages a...

Update from Thailand for 10/09/16

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Dear Friends,  It is so quiet here now that several of the children have gone home for the three-week break.  Now we are finishing up packing as we get ready to leave earlytomorrow morning. We will be spending 10 days at Nongwang Baptist doing several mission projects. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we will have our revival. We ask that you please pray for our special speakers as they travel here. Also, pray that we will have a good turnout and that the people of the neighborhood will open up ...

Update from Thailand for 10/02/16

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Dear Friends, There is only a week left before the kids are out of school and we head off to Roied to do mission work. We have spent the week getting things ready and finishing up any work needed to be done. We were also able to have a couple of activities for our people. On Thursday, our children were able to go to see elephants with their school. This was a first time experience for many of them and they enjoyed themselves.On Friday we were able to take our senior citizens out to have a meal ...