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Nongloam Baptist Bible Center
The Lord has blessed in that has allowing us to build a beautiful building in which to train those that are called of the Lord to His service. This building has four sections with each section having its own restroom. Each section is divided into three rooms in which we teach the students.

1.Preachers3.Christian Womanhood 2.Layman

A few of the Bible Students studying outside due to the heat.
The students are amazed that the Bible contains so much.
A group of Bible Student in the front of the Bible Center
One of the greatest hindrances in starting new church work is the lack of preachers. Our prayer is that the Lord would allow us to start 10 churches each year. We have been placed in a strategic location. We border many countries that are in need of the Gospel of our Lord. Most of the people that we deal with have migrated in from these countries and affords a great opportunity to send some of them into reach their own people.

We are interested in training those that would free the hands of the preacher, allowing the Man of God the time to do the work that is so vitally needed. .

Christian Womanhood  
One of the greatest problems facing the preacher of today can be his wife and her dedication to the ministry, that they as a couple are called to. We are striving to produce women that will be an asset to their husband.
This group of young ladies are preparing for in the future of the Lords work.
Boper is the kitchen supervisor and has been at the home about the start and is enrolled in Nongloam Baptist Center and we are all looking forward to the Lord's ministry one day in the future.
Goey like wise has been a fixture for a long time and is excited about getting a degree in order to teach in our grade school.