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Arrival / Indoctrination
When the children arrive, they take a shower and their clothes are discarded
There is the problem of lice and this is the first time some of these kids have had hair clippers used on them
Once the children start to look the part, they begin to feel and act the part.

Daily Devotions  
We have the traditional Sunday and Wednesday church services but also enjoy devotions all the other days of the week.

Bible Memorization  
One of the greatest challenges that we face is to turn the heart of those who have never heard of Jesus in a favorable way. Therefore we start the young people off on the right foot by scripture memorization. The children memorize one chapter of the Bible each month and are rewarded accordingly.

There are now 6 young men that are able to join in during the church service.
There is 8 young ladies that are
studying the violin.
Miss Emerald is a tremendous blessing to the home. She teaches piano voice and English. Please pray for her health. Here Miss Emerald sings with a group she has trained..
The training in music is put to use,in that visiting a village the young people are able to prepare the hearts of the people for the Word of God..

Most everything that we do for the children is new to them, and to watch their faces light up with each new activity
The youth center will bring in a large number of young people from the nearby towns. This will enable us to give them the gospel
Every event that takes place with the children is earned by the individual child. Here the kids enjoy a monkey show.
There are no right to bear arms in Thailand. The only ones afforded this privilege is the military or police. Here Sukinyaw fires a M16 rifle. Four young people earned this even.
Luka fires a 357 pistol. This is offered by the police.
The kids were very excited to be able to fire a weapon.
Some may not consider this to be an activity, but a supervised boxing match is better than knuckles behind a building or a bad testimony at school. if the kids can not settle a dispute among themselves, they come to staff and strap on the gloves.

At the home every one regardless of their age has a daily duty;
here are examples of a few chores
One of the problems facing the world today is the lack of character when it comes to personal work ethics.
A few of the young ladies serving a meal,
These same girls prepared the meal as well.
We have learned that 1st through 3rd grades have a difficult time washing clothes by themselves. Bogum is in charge of the laundry room.
We strive to honor the Lord in
everything, here one group of girls
cleaning the chairs for the church.
Some of the boys work in the garden. We only have a garden during the rainy season, this due to a lack of rain
Our grandsons, Stephen and Jonathan were helping to dig a ditch for a septic line. Stephen and Jonathan were with us for entire summer.