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1.Namthok 4.Galaire

5.Hoel Soan

2.Barn Cee 6.Hoel Mai Sai & Arduke

Namthok Baptist Church
Pastor Cee (is brother to Yota) and his wife have been at Namthok for six years. There are about 15 families in his village. The government has relocated another village to Bro. Cee's location with about 60 additional famillies. This opens up tremendous opportunities.
Left to right. Bro. Horn, Pastor Cee and his wife Archar and Srichand
Dr. Tom Wallace alone with Jim Westerfield and Tim Lindsey sing for the church service. Later in the service Dr.Wallace will preach.
People begin to gather for the church services
One of the youth groups sings for the services prior to Bro. Wallace preaching. We continually strive to keep the work of the Lord before the kids of the home. We accomplish this by having them participate in the other church works.
A few of the baptisms at Namthok Baptist Church

Barn Cee Baptist Church (Four House Baptist Church)
This is one of the villages that were displaced by the government. These villages, like many others are looked upon as squatters and can be relocated at any time. Ending up on the side of the highway and because there were only four families the name has stayed with them.
Here you see the property that was purchased and the new church building that has almost been completed. Normally property is not bought for the people, the Lord sent the funds. We will only provide 80% of the money necessary to build a church building. The people of the village have to provide the rest. They are not allowed to borrow the 20 % and this is a tremendous amount for these people to have to come up with. We feel it necssary that he people have a part in the construction of the church.
The church membership always enjoys having visitors come to the church and always prepare a meal.
Bro. Horn visits with some men of the during the construction phase of the church.

Bokok Baptist Church  
Bro. Horn with Pastor Yota and his wife, ArMont and Mrs. Horn and a lady form the church that ends up in most pictures. Bro. Yota has been with our ministry for 7 years and the church is doing very well . Most all the churches have children at the home.
Members stand in front of the church building, waiting for the services to begin. Bro. Horn has preached here numerous times, the highlight of the service begins as Bro. Horn makes his way from the front door to the pulpit. The floor is bamboo and sinks about 6 inches as Bro. Horn crosses the floor.
This is a picture of the pastor's house. Because the property the church sat on was too small for the new church building . Bro. Yota gave his property to the church and he and his family moved into the old church building.
This is the new church building that was provided by Pembina Valley Baptist Church in Canada, Pastor Mike Sullivant.
The laying on of hands for the men that were ordained during the 2006 Mission's Conference.
Those men that attended the 2006 Mission's Conference come together with the church membership to have a prayer of dedication for the new building.
Miss Emerald and staff member Goey and MeMont play and sing for this time of dedication.

Galaire Baptist  
Pastor Argal has been with ministry six years. Bro. Argal has been at Galaire Baptist for 2 Years.
The village of Galaire straddles the ridge of a mountain. You must drive 5 km into a very high mountain to get to the village. At night you think you can reach out and touch the stars.
Pastor Argal's wife Nolot works with a couple of different groups from the church. Bro. Argal and Nolot have always been a blessing each time that they share their gift of music

After the service the church gathers for a photo and a meal
Some of those that were baptized after the service

Hoel Soan Baptist Church  
Hoel Soan Baptist Church is the first church that we stated. The village was full of demon worship and has taken the toll on a many a preacher. We can see the hand of the Lord working with Bro. Admon. He has been with us for 9 months. .
A few of those, that came form Hoel Soan.
This is the first building that was constructed in our ministry. A dear brother from Mesquite Texas provided the funds.
Once the building was constructed we saw a four fold increase in attendance. We only provide 80% of the funds necessary to build the building. The 20% is a tremendous burden on the people, but we feel it vital that the people see themselves as being part of the church. Note : They may not borrow the money !!
Baptisms are always a big deal, (nerver greater than salvation) and the church member ship enjoys a meal after the baptism service.

Hoel Mai Sai Baptist and Arduke Baptist Church
Pastor Arlum has been with us for about a year and is currently enrolled in Nongloam Bible Center. Pastor Arlum is pastor of Arduke Baptist Church as well. Pray with us about a Man of God to oversee this work full time.
This church first met in 6 x 8 foot bamboo building. Aunt Martha Kemal in loving memory of her husband,(Uncle Fred as we all knew him) build this church building.
Some of the members stand in front of the church
Any time that the opportunity presents itself we take the children that they might minister to the churches as well. This is a blessing to the church folks and shows our young people the work that is laid out before them (their responsibility).
Folks gather for a baptismal service. Depending on the time of the year, the creek must be blocked up to complete the second part of the great commission.